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About Us


We are a “worldwide family company”, well aware of our responsibility towards customers, partners and employees. It has been over a century since we manufactured our first machine. Nowadays we go further than just manufacturing machines, we innovate in testing, straightening and metalforming. 

Galdabini strong values and philosophy put customers first, working with dedication and commitment to come up with the best technology and set new standards in the machine industry.

Our heritage, history - Galdabini

Our heritage

The company has always had a strong vocation for innovative solutions. The initial artisan activity of maintenance and repair of the local born textile factory, almost immediately turned out into construction of machines

Innovation - Laser measurement on Quasar testing machine - Galdabini

Innovation is our culture

For us, innovation means new solutions that meet new requirements and needs. This is accomplished through more effective machines, processes, services, technologies and ideas that are all readily available to satisfy customers’ requirements

Green thinking - Eco compatible power production - Galdabini

Green thinking

Galdabini already operates with 100% eco compatible power production by means of solar cells, so becoming self sufficient in terms of energy consumptions