Straightening Machines, Material Testing Machines, Hydraulic Presses
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Straightening machines, Material testing machines, Hydraulic presses



Founded in 1890, a private company owned by Galdabini family

Galdabini manufactures and services material testing machines, straightening machines and hydraulic presses. The company is composed by two corporate headquarters located in Italy and Switzerland, providing you high technologies, quality and a long lasting know how. Specialised in material testing machines to analyze mechanical properties of various materials and components – suitable to carry out material tests as tensile, flexure, compression, bending and impact. Leader in straightening machines for shafts, profiles, rings, tubes and bars. A wide range of straightening machines and solutions is suitable for application in automotive and non-automotive fields. High efficiency and performances in hydraulic presses and turn-key production lines to satisfy a large range of requirements for steel and aluminium forming. A qualified staff supports you on-site during installation, training and calibration on a world-wide scale. Galdabini is an official European Calibration Centre for load, deformation, resilience hardness and other typical units.     

Green thinking @Galdabini

All environmental aspects are highly considered in all process and product design. Galdabini already operates with 100% eco compatible power production by means of a photovoltaic system, so becoming self sufficient in terms of energy consumptions.