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Low force tensile testing on metal spring - Galdabini

Benchtop testing machines

Benchtop testing machines, high quality and versatile requirements 

These material testing machines are realized to meet needs of industry and laboratories for tensile tests, compression tests, flexure, cycle, peel and friction tests on metal, plastic, composites, textiles, rubbers and components.

The benchtop line includes material testing machines with nominal forces from 2,5 single column benchtop to 100 kN dual column benchtop machines. The ergonomic design and manufacturing of testing machines, fixtures, semi-and automatic extensometers allow easy-use and access for grips and fixtures as well as a complete control over testing processes.

The testing machines are used with GRAPHWORK software program, totally design and updated by our software engineers.

Series Quasar - Testing machines


Our single column benchtop testing machine QUASAR 2.5 kN of 2.5 kN is designed to reduce floor space (flexible and ergonomic layout)

Low- force testing is provided (rupture and deformation). Suitable for testing wires, plastic, elastomers, rubber and non metal- material (maily of small diameters)

QUASAR 5 - 10 - 25 kN

Our range of 5, 10 and 25 is specifically dedicated to low- force testing (plastic, rubber, elastomers ..). All these machines differ in the level of resolution of test range

Dual column testing machines:


Our dual column benchtop testing machine QUASAR 50 of 50 kN is the ideal solution for testing medium sized metal samples, steel, aluminium, light alloys as magnesium casting alloy


QUASAR 100 of 100 kN is a dual column benchtop testing machine suitable for testing large sized metal samples (ex. tubes Ø 30 cm), steel, aluminium

Special frame QUASAR

Dual column benchtop testing machine with special frames, as: