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Material testing machine - Tensile test on metal specimen - Galdabini

Material testing machines

Quality assurance, universal testers, material testing machines 

Qualifying materials to guarantee ever-better performances is a common need in plastic and metal industry, where each design is bound to the functional features of different components.

A wide range of electromechanical material testing machines is suitable for bidirectional tests: tensile, compression, flexure, bending, cycle, constant load, resilience and many others according to International Standards or customer procedures.

Testing machines at a glance

Single column benchtop testing machine for low force testing - Galdabini

Single Column Benchtop for low- Force Testing

  • Capacities up to 2,5 kN
  • Small dimensions, high performances
  • Commonly used in microelectronics, wires, small components, textiles, plastic films, rubber
Dual Column Benchtop testing machines for mid- Force Testing - Galdabini

Dual Column Benchtop for mid- Force Testing

  • Capacities up to 100 kN
  • Multi-purpose, versatile requirements
  • Used for automotive and aerospace industry, non-ambient temperature applications; metals, plastics, wood, composites, technical textiles
Dual Column Floor Model testing machine for high Force Testing - Galdabini

Dual Column Floor standing for high- Force Testing

  • Capacities up to 2000 kN
  • Tough, Heavy-duty frames
  • Used for high-strength metals and alloys, bolts, fasteners, steel plates, elaborate components for automotive and aerospace industry
Impact pendulum Testers - Galdabini

Impact Pendulum Testers

  • Our impact testers cover nominal energy of 150-300 J, 450 J, 600-750 J, following both Charpy and Izod methods.
  • A variety of specimen-preparation machines, thermostatic chambers, instrumented knives and many useful accessories for instrument set-up are available on customer request


Expert in testing

With more than 120 years of experience in the material testing industry, Galdabini instrument systems (as testing machines, impact testers, more on: are found in applications and industries such as plastics, metals, composites, elastomers, components, textiles, aerospace, automotive and biomedical.

Lots of different testing machines are available as: deadweight calibration machines up to 5MN, accessories for specimen preparation, presses for stamping and finishing test samples and robotic testing systems COMPACT and/or MULTI lines to carry on 24 hours testing.

In addiction, we service high-tech Creep and stress rupture testing machines in accordance to International Standards. These machines are capable of performing many types and variations of creep and stress rupture testing, as:

  • Stress rupture
  • Creep
  • Creep rupture
  • Stress relaxation and many other special applications