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Hydraulic press - Galdabini

Hydraulic presses

hydraulic presses and sheet metal deep drawing technology

Our hydraulic presses reach the highest levels of productivity and quality for the production of pieces in different shapes, sizes and weight. A wide range of presses and trimming beading machines enable us to offer the best sheet metalforming solution and satisfy many drawing requirements for steel and aluminium in household goods (electrical houseware appliance, oven components, sinks..) fire extinguishers, gas cylinders, filters and automotive components.

We can offer automatic production lines with dies, transfers, robotics and working units for trimming, beading and punching.

Presses, lines and trimming machines

Our range of machines includes:

C- frame and 4 Column presses

  • C- frame presses up to 2500 kN with single / double and triple action
  • 4 Column hydraulic presses up to 15000 kN
Trimming beading machines Project - Galdabini

Trimming Beading machines 

Our universal trimming beading machines are made up of: one, 2 or 3 spindles, hydraulic drive and electrical control of all the parameters suitable for round and polygonal pieces for diameter from 60 to 1600 mm

Automatic production lines for pressure cookware with hydraulic preess from 63 ton to 120 ton - Galdabini

Automatic Production lines 

Automatic production lines are equipped with automation, dies and collateral units. Lots of different application as: cold extrusion, precision insertion of parts with in-process control of force/position