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Heritage - Galdabini


Founded by Cesare Galdabini in 1890

Founded in 1890 and fully owned by Galdabini family, the company is headquartered very close to Milan Malpensa airport.

The company has always had a strong vocation for innovative solutions. The initial artisan activity of maintenance and repair of the local born textile factory, almost immediately turned out into construction of machines for the mechanical industry.

The new born and already consolidated industrial reality operates in a cultural context aimed at perfection and absolute innovation of its implementations.The manufacturing of high pressure hydraulic machines with columns and uprights expands and, at the same time, the measuring machines technology further develops.

Galdabini created its history with more than a century spent with unchanged pioneering spirit and passion for technical challenges which have now become our values. Growth and development are pursued with determination and continuity.

We put success in the market in direct relation with the company success, therefore we strive for a pro-active relationship with our customers. They are in first place in our philosophy and we work altogether with dedication and commitment to come up with the best and newest technology.

Our milestones 

Start up with hydraulic press and pioneering applications

  • 1906
    Golden medal for technology (Milano International trade fair award)
  • 1934
    First universal tensile testing machine (entry in the market of quality tests)
  • 1972
    Design of the first automatic straightener in the world
  • 1976
    Energy save hydraulic press patent
  • 1991
    1MN Dead-weight machine for load cell calibration (country primary reference)
  • 2008
    Heavy duty automatic straighteners (biggest machine in the world – 2000 Tons)
  • 2009
    Intensive development of Laser and Optical devices for process measurements during straightening (inside bore, pitch gear diameter) and laser speckle for testing
  • 2012
    Energy Save press of unique concept – save up to 48%